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Parent Resources

El Sereno recognizes the fact that individuals learn in different ways and at varied paces. Collectively, it is our mission to guide and inspire each student’s pursuit and discovery of knowledge and achievement of the skills necessary for responsible citizenship, meaningful employment, and lifelong learning. We believe that through innovative, challenging curricula delivered in a dedicated and collaborative learning community, all students will succeed.

When parents, families, and members of the community are involved with schools, all children benefit. Adult participation sends the message that school is important and the work our students do at El Sereno is worthy of adult attention. Our community recognizes that adults may participate in El Sereno in different and varied avenues to ensure all students have quality learning experiences.

Partnerships between El Sereno, families and the community is identified in our partnership framework. This framework categorizes participation in six areas:

Learning from Home: Families work together through activities and facilitation of a teacher to assist with class work and recognizing other learning home opportunities.

Parenting: Resources are made available to families to establish home environments to support children as learners. Please see 'parent page' for additional information.

Decision Making: El Sereno believes all stake holders including parents, students and community members, have a role in the decision making processes. Stakeholders are encouraged to participate in Site Strategic Planning, School Site Council, and English Learning Advisory Committees. For more information please call (916) 971-5060.

Communications: El Sereno individualizes instruction for each student. Parents are encouraged to communicate directly with their child’s teacher to gain valuable insight on how their child is performing in school. Whole school events and information are posted on the El Sereno website. For general information or communication please call (916) 971-5060.

Collaborating with the Community: El Sereno’s area of focus called out in our Site Strategic Plan is to identify and integrate resources and services from the community. Current community information is posted on the Community Resources page of the El Sereno website.

Volunteering: We understand that adults may participate in El Sereno in different and varied avenues. Volunteers may work with students individually or in small groups. They may help organize school events or activities for students. Adults assistance with logistical and organization tasks are always appreciated and offered a flexible times. For more information please call (916) 971-5060.