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Independent Study

El Sereno’s Independent Study Middle School offers an entirely remote program for 6th - 8th students

Our program offers:

  • Apex online curriculum for all subject areas
  • A master teacher who will connect on a 1:1 basis with your student 1x time?
  • Tutoring 4 days a week
  • On-campus physical fitness testing
  • CAASPP state testing for 6th-8th grade

If you are interested in enrolling in the middle school program please click here to complete our interest form.


El Sereno’s Independent High School program serves students from 9th - 12th grade Our program offers:

  • On-campus learning opportunities with 1:1 with teachers or small learning groups.
  • Fully remote options if approved.
  • A-G compliant courses to prepare your student for college and field trip opportunities to our local community colleges and UC's
  • San Juan Graduation Requirements (same courses taken in a traditional setting)
  • A Youth Employment Technician who can assist your student in a 1:1 setting in job hunting, resume’ building and career exploration
  • Electives including guitar, student government, robotics, and many more

Students can be on campus anywhere from 4 days a week to being completely remote. A school district cannot force a student to participate in independent study. Students choose independent study on their own, and it is designed for students who have the initiative to work through their courses individually with the support of a master teacher.

If you are interested in El Sereno High School Independent Study, please click here to complete our interest form. 

For more information, please visit the California Department of Education's Independent Study page.

Attendance is essential in the IS program.  
Students are required to attend weekly meetings at their regularly assigned time.  
Student attendance and participation are mandatory for the understanding of assignments and subjects.  ***Positive attendance is primarily earned for completed work being turned in on time.
Classwork is assigned in every class and is due on a weekly basis.  
It is the student's responsibility to attend appointed times on a regular basis. 
Lack of completed work turned in timely will result in "absences" being marked.
Students who are “absent” from school must have a parent or guardian contact the Supervising Teacher either by phone or email with the reason for the absence (missing work).

What happens if I am missing too much work and/or meetings (absent)?
The Supervising Teacher will work with parents/guardians as well as the counselor to schedule a meeting to determine a solution for missing work and/or meetings.
This process may lead to an attendance review. The review will take place through a Student Study Team (SST). The SST will meet with parent(s), teacher(s), counselor, and administrator] to discuss a thorough evaluation of the student's fit with Independent Study at ESHS.

Outcomes from an SST may include one or more of the following:

  • added support for the student
  • revised goals and due dates
  • recommendation for return to residential school