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Taking college classes while in high school

  • Advanced Education is the term used by California Community Colleges for referring to high school students dual enrolling in community college courses. High school students may take up to 2 college classes per semester. They must pass with a C or better to continue taking classes.


    1. Check the website of the college you are interested in for application and registration deadlines
      1. Folsom Lake College
      2. American River College
      3. Sierra College
    2. First-time students - create an OpenCCC account to get a college student ID number
      1. Have a personal email address and social security number (if available) ready
      2. Apply online for the specific college (American River, Folsom Lake, Sierra, etc) for the specific semester 
    3. Continuing students - Log into eServices and complete the Supplemental Enrollment form
    4. Check the Course Catalog at the specific college website and find a course you are interested in (be sure to write down the exact name and course number - you will need for your application)
      1. Check to see if you meet the prerequisites
      2. Check to see if it is a transferable course to the UC/CSU system
    5. Check the Class Schedule for the semester you are interested in to see when the course is offered - usually opens online middle of the prior semester.
      1. Folsom Lake College Spring 2020
      2. American River College Spring 2020
      3. Sierra College Spring 2020
    6. Complete Advanced Ed application (with parent signature) and bring to Scott for signature (you can download packet from the college website)
      1. Folsom Lake College
      2. American River College
      3. Sierra College
    7. Submit packet directly to the college either in person or via email
      1. Packet needs to include
      2. Current transcript
      3. Current course schedule
      4. Statement of interest and qualification
    8. Check for email notification of next steps  (must have created a LosRios Gmail or Sierra College email)
    9. Sign up for Advanced Ed Orientation with college counselor